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    Customized packaging manufacturer of film rolls and bags.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                 


    [Guangdong Xintianli] Thanks for the past, looking forward to the future, full of confidence and hope!


    Immediately afterwards, the activity entered the "Exposing a Smile, Grateful Heart" learning session of taking pictures of life in the character life series lectures taught by Fu teacher. Thanks to the lectures and lectures, the whole venue was full of laughter, which benefited everyone.


    On the afternoon of February 6, the last "Family Culture" activity of Ding Younian in the Lunar Calendar was grandly held in the study room, and more than one hundred people participated in the company. This event is not only a gathering of "family culture", but also a mobilization meeting that sums up the past, continues the past, and sends the old and the new.

    At the beginning of the event, Chairman Chen Xuchao made the 2017 annual summary report on behalf of the company. The chairman used the company's big data to analyze the overall operating conditions of production, sales, and profit in the past year, and thank everyone for their hard work and hard work for the company's business development and solidarity. Chairman Chen said: In the past year, under the premise of the extremely severe international and domestic economic situation and the overall sluggish real economy, it has brought tremendous pressure to the company's operation and profitability. Because our company is a type of enterprise in the traditional real economy, if the annual total output value (sales) fails to increase, it cannot offset the pressure caused by the increase in the comprehensive cost of raw and auxiliary materials and expenses.

    It is the company's senior executives who are aware of this unfavorable trend and made arrangements and deployments early last year, paving the way for sustainable development in the future: early last year, we took the lead in updating the company's machinery and equipment; the application began in April The BRC certification and the ISO2015 version of the certification work successfully passed the "dual certification" audit in August; starting in October, preparations for the declaration of "high level" are also in full swing. All of these are major measures for the company to further improve the hardware and software, laying a solid foundation for achieving the company's next ambitious goal, and further improving the company's popularity, reputation and cohesion.

    The chairman said: In the new year, the company has formulated overall strategic goals and made detailed plans. Looking ahead to 2018, we are full of confidence, meet the challenges, and move towards the future! The chairman hopes that all employees from the bottom of the company will work together to make every effort to make new achievements in their respective positions towards the goals and routes we have set.

    The chairman said: Every progress and competitiveness depends on our ability to learn. Hope and encourage all employees, especially young employees, to continue to learn in order to continue to progress. Without learning, it will soon be eliminated by society; I hope that young people must plan their own future in order to grow, achieve success, and make themselves appreciate! Xintianli Company strives to create a platform for everyone to learn and grow, so that everyone can grow together, make progress together, and realize self-worth.

    The chairman, on behalf of the two brothers, once again thanked each family member for their hard work and accompanied them all the way! Thanks to all Xintianli family members, customers, suppliers and friends who care, support and care, thank you! I wish you all a happy Chinese New Year, a happy family, a dream come true, safe and healthy!

    Immediately afterwards, the activity entered the "Exposing a Smile, Grateful Heart" learning session of taking pictures of life in the character life series lectures taught by Fu teacher. Thanks to the lectures and lectures, the whole venue was full of laughter, which benefited everyone.


    At the birthday party filled with blessings, the joy and joy of the people at home never ended successfully.

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